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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

critical thinking no.4 - getting personal

script by mike mcrae and james hutson, recording and music by audrey studios, animated and directed by James Hutson, produced by Bridge 8found via brainpickings 

in summary

- some arguments focus on the personal - to counter this keep your eye on the ball

- its difficult to listen to people we don't like OR it can be difficult to disagree with those we trust and admire

- but plainly there is a difference between who a person is and what they are saying

- logically we can't base arguments about whether views are right or wrong based on who is saying them and what we think about the person - its like playing the player - not the ball

- because we cannot be experts on all things it is tempting to use how we feel about a person to determine whether we trust them

- but of course even if experts say something it isn't necessarily true - what are the facts behind their position?

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