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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

critical thinking no. 2: broken #logic

script by mike mcrae and james hutson, recording and music by audrey studios, animated and directed by James Hutson, produced by Bridge 8found via brainpickings 

in summary

- logic has a structure - in logic an idea is called a premise

- which can be put with other premises in such a way as they lead us to a conclusion

- so for example
   one premise might say magnets attract iron
   another premise might be this object is made from iron
   therefore without seeing it you can logically conclude that the magnet will attract this object

- but what if we swop around the information?
  premise - magnets attract iron
  premise - this object is attracted to magnets
  from this info you cannot logically conclude that this item is made of iron  (eg magnets might attract other metals as well)

- this broken logic is called a logical fallacy - the particular example above is a formal fallacy as its form looks similar to logic but is false - in latin - and in legal circles - its called a non sequiter (which means does not follow)

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