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Thursday, 16 August 2012

who are our role models?

with the 1st part of the Olympics over and the para-olympics up next maybe now is the time to pause and reflect ...... so - what was your favourite session?

- the yes yes yes 3 gold medal night on the track and field?  
- one of the amazing sessions in the velodrome?

there has certainly being a lot of speculation about this feel good factor and how this volunteering perfect storm might somehow be continued beyond the para olympics

and in the today radio 4 programme in an interview boris johnson was quick to extol the virtues on display that supported his political perspective

but why were so many of us so inspired by what we saw?

page 11 of this you gov survey from November 2011 may help answer that question - it has the answers to the question "which of the following sportspeople do you believe are the best role models for young people" and some headlines from the answers are:

in total

- 34% athletes 
- 29% none of them
- 2% footballers

5% or bigger differences between voting by

- gender for tennis players (f=15%, m=10%) and cricketers (f=5%, m=10%)

- region for tennis players (london=16%, scotland=25%, rest of south=11%, midlands/wales=10%, north=12%) and cricketers (scotland=3%, london=9%, rest of south=8%, midlands/wales=9%, north=6%)

- voting intention for cricketers (lib dem=5%, lab=10%, con=9%) and footballers (lib dem=6%, lab=4%, con=1%)

- social grade for cricketers (abc1=10%, c2de=5%)

- age for none of them (60+ and 40to59 each=32%, 25to39=26%, 18to24=21%)

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