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Saturday, 21 July 2012


this article by Tim Leberecht on the world economic forum blog is worth a read.  in summary the points it makes are:

- the current economic crisis has highlighted a broken bond between society and business is broken with some sectors reputations at a low point;

- distribution of wealth is once again under scrutiny;

- some are promoting more collaborative and inclusive approaches to capitalism that value meaning as well as profits (so for example more human oriented organisations with more social exchange, emotional engagement, community involvement, companies that take the long rather than short term view)

- yet some surveys find around 40 to 50% of workers seek new jobs because they don't trust their employer OR have been treated unfairly by them OR report a lack of transparency in internal company communications OR describe their company culture as command and control/top-down (so top down values are often not owned and are frequently difficult to apply at an individual level)

- internet enabled channels like social networks with characteristics like instant feedback, network effects, peer pressure and a general levelling of the field in terms of having a voice might provide an opportunity for more transparency and involvement in business

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