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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

time warped

via explore

attention, emotion and memory and affect our perception of time

more emotion - then time is slower (e.g. a gun to your head)

attention - if we notice something time is slower (e'g' a moving image versus a static image both of same duration - the moving image seems longer because we are noticing it)

memory - if we know something then time seem to go quicker (why the journey there seems longer than the journey back)

so if want time to go slower - more new events and things (so filling with new things for attention which need new memory)

- when know you are dying time goes slower because we think about the future less (default brain mode is to think of the future)
- often overestimate how will think about things in the future (good or bad things - because think of immediate and main things)
- bad at estimating how much time in the future we will have (meet next week - no - a year from now - yes)
- good at estimating how much time it will take somebody else to do something 
- so for policy makers - do the thing you need to do early - if good effect will wear off - we will forget if get used to it

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