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Monday, 30 July 2012

5 things every presenter needs to know about people

5 things every presenter needs to know about people from weinschenk on vimeo.
via brain pickings

1) people learn best in 20-minute chunks - so try and build breaks/activities in to break up longer presentations.

2) multiple sensory channels compete - during a talk, you engage the auditory and visual channels — because we’re visual creatures the visual channel trumps the auditory.  so make sure your slides don’t require people to read much. put together tlak 1st then see what slides (not your notes) need

3) what you say is only one part of your presentation - the audience is responding to your body language and tone very quickly

4) if you want people to act, you have to call them to action. At the end of your presentation, be very specific about exactly what you would like your audience to do. People imitate your emotions and feel your feelings.

5) people imitate your emotions - smiling - energetic - so if you’re passionate about your topic, this excitement will be contagious for the audience. Don’t hold back.

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