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Sunday, 3 June 2012

2012 internet trends

KPCB Internet Trends - 2012

found via all things digital

some headlines that struck me

- internet growth is robust (8%) driven by emerging markets
- rapid mobile adoption still in early stages (37% growth)
- ipad growth was 3x iphone
- android phone growth was 4x iphone
- mobile traffic is 10% of internet traffic
- revenue per users is 1.7 ro 5x lower on mobile (vs desktop)
- changes
  - after 125 years - in 2006 the no. of landlines (1.3b) was surpassed by mobiles (in 2009 = 
  - after 244 years - in 2012 Encyclopedia Britannica will go out of print
  - after 305 years - in 2010 internet ad revenue passed newspaper ad revenue
- internet "white space" opportunities
  - ear (and body)
  - in car
  - tv

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