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Friday, 13 April 2012

the caterpillar effect

via digging a lot

in summary

is your God one who answers your prayers for green traffic lights because this is what God is about - arranging the traffic system on their behalf

we live in cocoons of our own making which block out the reality of a world that screams for some kind of change

how do we get past the myth that safety is happiness to understand that the comfort we seek suffocates

a butterfly cannot emerge form a cocoon without struggle

you only find life when you struggle

what if in building rhythms of life that face us with the world as it really is

 a way of living that challenges the suffocating comfort of our lives

so we can tear that cocoon a little and see thiu to the other side
- the child whose parent dies of HIV
- the reality of war

you get it, you don't understand it fully - but you just let it in

and that will slowly change you - its about living with open eyes

god is imagining a new world, and as god dreams we dream with him 

we can start to reach forward and try to haul the dream into the present

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