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Thursday, 26 April 2012

8 questions to help you innovate

found here via rob jacobs , in summary .....

great innovations come from great questions - and here are 8 questions of innovation

these questions will help you innovate

1) termination Q - what do i 1st need to stop?  (when the horse is dead dismount)

2) collaboration/coordination Q - how do we do it faster/larger/cheaper - with a team?  

3) combination Q - what could we mix together to make something new? (often the exact opposite)

4) elimination Q - what part could we take it out to make it simpler? (so e.g. how eliminate language barriers)

5) reincarnation Q - what has died that we can bring back to life in a new format?

6) rejuvination Q - how could we change the purpose or motivation for what we are doing?

7) illumination Q - how look at this in a new light?  (so fresh eyes)

8) fascination Q - how could we make it more interesting/appealing/attractive/mesmirising?

in summary - never stop learning

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