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Saturday, 18 February 2012

great presentations are stories

via larryferlazzo

in summary

- we all have ideas and they are the most powerful device known to man
- they can change the world
but an idea is powerless if it stays within us, so how best to communicate it?

- the way to do that is through stories
- in films etc. we have heroes - likeable, in an ordinary world, called to adventure, resistant to call, encounters roadblocks, meet with mentor who helps them emerge transformed

- from various ideas she came up with a shape that represents a great presentation
- this is the shape

- start with what is - status quo, compare with what could be
- and make gap between two as big as possible
- and in middle of the presentation  - keep going between the two again and again
(a bit like tacking when sailing against the wind)
- call to action at end - the new bliss, the new norm

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