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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

60-second adventures in thought (combined)

via laughing squid

1) achilles & the tortoise - something finite can be divided and infinite number of times

2) the grandfather paradox - time travel backwards is impossible (if you travel back to kill your grandfather then you wouldn't exist to do so)

3) the chinese room - however well you programme a computer it doesn't really understand and so is merely simulating intelligence

4) hilbert's infinite hotel - in a hotel with infinite rooms, if an infinite number of new guests arrived they could be fitted in if all existing guests moved to a room no. double their current one

5) the twin paradox - if a twin travelled off at close to the speed of light then for them time would move more slowly than for the twin left on earth, so if they came back they'd be younger than their twin

6) schrodinger's cat - quantum mechanics says particles can be in two states at the same time

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