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Friday, 28 October 2011

internet of things & system of sytems

via digital nun daily via hnamagafsp

to summarise .....

the emergence of a global data field has happened 

as the internet creates a global curation of things

instrumented, interconnected - we have grown a central nervous system

sensors on devices like traffic lights, water main, trains, buses, power grid, etc. produce data

possibly soon there will be more things on the internet than people

often this is presented as the DIKW pyramid
- data at base - a sea of the stuff
- next level is information
- next is knowledge
- top is wisdom

and system of systems emerges - as all these various bit of data start to link

and so can link info and behave smarter and create a more resilient system

and be more efficient in our use of resources and generate new activity

when you see the planet from space - its like a neural network with cities as the nodes

that a good picture of the systems of systems

internet emergence in 1990's - helps us see better the system of systems

(it was always there) 

and how systems interact with each other

maybe from this we can see the best places to intervene 

yet when system interacts with system it is also harder to predict what will happen

(so maybe skynet won't be able to take over)

and remember the system of systems isn't just machines - its also people

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