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Friday, 30 September 2011

statistics, statistics

social data   found via iangblack on twitter - the uk office for national statistics has some new stats from the integrated household survey (the biggest pool of uk social data after the census).  

some headlines from a 28/9/11 bulletin are summarised below

sexuality – 94% ID’d themselves as heterosexual, 3.6% don’t know or refused the question, 1% gay or lesbian, 0.7% no response, 0.5% bisexual, 0.4% Other

religion - 69% had a religious affiliation with Christianity, 23% no religious affiliation, 4% Muslim, 1.3% Hindu, 1.1% Other religions, 0.7% Sikh, 0.4% Buddhist.  
- by age those who ID's as christian: under 16-60%, 16to24-59%,  25to34-55%, 35to49-67%, 50to64-78%, 65and over-88%

ethnicity – 89% ID’d themselves as white, 5% asian, 3% black, 3% other

church of england data  found via opinionated vicar  - on 29/9/11 the cofe published its latest 2009/10 information about parish income and expenditure and trends in ministry numbers (these were added to the attendance figures issued in february 2011 for the same period). 

some headlines from the 28/9/11 bulletin and from the detailed report are below.

parish income & expenditure - tax-efficient giving increased topping an average of £10 a week (£10.06p) for the 1st time. 

- total income dropped (mainly due to a 14% fall in restricted income [donor specifies what for] & 1 off donations)

- regular and plate giving plus gift aid tax recovered rose 1%. 

- parishes made donations of nearly £49 million to external charities.

- in 2009 on average 1.1m attended church-based services of worship each week
- slightly under 1m of these on sundays.  
(both some 11% down on the no’s in 2000 and to give some historic context  - usual sunday attendance fell 25% in the 20 years between 1970 to 1990 and by another 26% in the 18 years from 1990 to 2008).

- attendance at weekly cathedral  services increased by 7%

- on christmas day/eve 2.4m attended church and cathedral worship, (9% down on 2008) while 1.4m attended on easter day (0.3% down on 2008)

-38% of deaths in england are marked with cofe funerals. 

-56% of adults in britain attended a religious service for a funeral, 44% to celebrate a wedding and 36% a baptism/christening (orb survey 2009).

-    25,000 confirmations in 2009 (27,000 in 2008)
-   144,000 baptisms and thanksgivings (145,000 in 2008)
-           3,940 blessings and civil marriages (400 down in 2008)
-           5,300 marriages (400 down on 2008)
-       91,000 funerals held in church (some 2500 down from 2008)

no. of clergy
- at end of 2010 licensed ministries totalled 29,092 (comprising of: 8,501 stipendiary clergy, 7,172 licensed readers, 5674 active retired ordained, 3,151 licensed self-supporting clergy,  2,713 readers wither permissions to officiate and active emeriti, 1,598 chaplains and other ministries, 289 licensed layworkers and lay church army evangelists)

- full time equivalence of stipendiary clergy was 8120 for 2010.  this is projected to decrease by 12%% to 7180 by 2015

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