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Thursday, 11 August 2011


this you gov/sunday times survey 

(found via

was done in june 2011  with 2451 adult respondents

and found that (page 6);

12% said they belonged to a gym - and the same % said they belonged to a trade union;

10% said they belonged to the national trust;

6% of adult Britons claim to belong to a ‘church group or bible study’;

5% said they belonged to a football club;

3% said they belonged to a book club or reading group;

2% said they belonged to a golf club;

1% said they belonged to the conservative party.


  1. Very interesting. And very interesting too to consider what "belonging to" means and involves in each case - paying a subscription (even if you never/rarely use the services), taking part in regular activities, taking active part in the administration/organisation/decision-making/running of the particular group?

  2. good point and thanks for the comment re "belonging to"

    from my experience in c of e regulars are now people who attend twice a month and many others would say they belong by attending monthly or at the big festivals