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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

a happy designer

in this ted video stefan sagmeister says  - on the subject of what keeps us happy  - that his research suggests:

- that climate has no influence;
- income has very little;
- ethnicity doesn't make a difference;
- nor physical attractiveness;
- nor age;
- nor health (where problems are manageable);

but that having several meaningful friendships does makes a difference to our happiness

in passing he also points out how our unconscious mind affects the big decisions we make

 how else could it be explained that - compared with what would be expected statistically using usa data - that:

- more men called george live in georgia;
- more men called denis become dentists;
- more women called paula marry men called paul

he then shares what makes him happy as a designer - which is

1) doing more of the kind of stuff he likes to do
2) thinking without pressure;
3) travelling to places;
4) not being stuck behind a computer screen all day; 
5) working on projects that matter to me;
6) having things that come back from the printer well;
7) working on projects that have a visible impact;
8) being involved in a project where 50% is new to me.

He concludes by saying that keeping a diary supports personal development

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