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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

guarding against blogging's terrible temptation to our egos

i came across this 3/5/11 post by austin ivereigh on the vaticans' blogger meeting - via a retweet by the churchmouse of a tweet by  

my summary of the post using (mostly) his words is below.

- the catholic (indeed i'd suggest most christian denomination's) blogosphere can be a little self-obsessed and sectarian;

- the freedom of the medium, according to the the anchoress "is both a gift and a terrible temptation to our egos, a force for disorientation and therefore a true battleground for souls."  

- according to Vatican spokesman fr federico lombardi SJ t the ego was "a significant but problematic element in the life of bloggers".  he then suggests using the notion of service as a way of acting against it.  

the post had 2 conclusions

1) recognition of the blogosphere's growing importance to the church;

2) a need for a sense of responsibility that goes along with power. 

(picture by Bindalfrodo) 

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