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Thursday, 12 May 2011

fairness, poverty, benefits

i haven't looked at the methodology of how this you gov survey is done and therefore what bias or self selection factors there are in how they gather responses, but it seems to suggest that in the uk:

- the values people most want to see from political parties are economic responsibility and fairness;
- by a fair society people mean - for example - that income should depend on how hard people work and how talented they are plus equality of opportunity;
- poverty was seen as not having a place to eat or enough to eat of live on;
- deserving poor were seen as the priority for help;
- and people seem to get the idea that many are poor through the hand life dealt them (for example parents who are addicts, unemployed or abusive) rather than through their own fault;
- 50% think out of work benefits are too high and discourage people from finding work;
- 70% think if those on jobseekers allowance don't attend interviews then their benefits should be 1/2'd (although there was more leniency towards those with dependent children or who were carers)
- 80% thought  those out of work for 12 months should be required to do community work in return for their benefits

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