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Tuesday, 24 August 1999

weblog software launched

blogger launched yesterday 

its by pyra labs and is a piece of content management software designed to help simply create and maintain a weblog 

a weblog (often shortened to be called a "blog") is a type of website
 usually created and maintained by an individual

with regular entries and the ability to link to other sites, pictures and videos, and allow comments from

some people say that blogs will revolutionalise on line publishing and journalism as they allow individuals to publish their thoughts and comments on line without having to go via techie's who can construct web sites

others say that nobody is going to want to listen to other people twittering on like chirping birds about their inconsequential thoughts on whatever

they say the idea is as ridiculous as thinking college facebooks are something that people will want to access via the web.

i'm with the latter - mark my words - it will never catch on.

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